Volume: 750ML

Type: Whisky

Country: Nepal

Brand Name: Yarchagumba

Alcohol Volume: 40%




Yarchagumba is a legendary herbal substance that is found in the mountain pastures of Nepal at an altitude of 4000-5000 meters.

The preparation of Yarchagumba involves a complex and lengthy process.The process usually requires a high level of skills and expertise in medicinal herbs and leveraging state of the art technology. This is the first of it’s kind beverage, sourced and manufactured in Nepal.

Unique herbs that grow over 3000 metres in the high altitude of Nepal are hand picked, dried and ground to make an extract which is then mixed with water and alcohol and fermented. Our Yarchagumba beverage is a handcrafted product that goes through a lengthy process of extracting the good properties of the high altitude herbs into our beverage.


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